Why Shoof Disinfection Mats?

Sweetmat disinfectant mats, from Shoof Interntional, offer superior cost-effective protection against contamination

  • Proven effectiveness in reducing cross-contamination and the risk of spreading disease.

  • Suitable for all types of shoe or boot and vehicle wheels.

  • Saves money, as disinfection mats typically use 75% less disinfectant than a foot bath.

  • Saves time, as they are quicker and easier to maintain than other methods.

Made to the highest possible standard by Shoof in Cambridge, New Zealand

Inner Foam Core

The inner foam core is rebonded-polyurethane. Virgin ‘bath tub’ foam in its original block form (like some similar products) is far too soft and short-lasting for commercial uses, such as in disinfection mats in high-traffic areas.


The upper surface of the mat is a 100%-woven polypropylene mesh. This mesh is inert which means it will not shrink or warp and is UV resistant. The base of the mat is reinforced-PVC, for strength with UV resistance.


Sweetmats use Dabond thread, as it is specifically designed for harsh outdoor environments. Dabond is the industry standard for sail making, military supplies, tents and seat belt manufacture due to its overall strength.

A proud history for Sweetmats

The original disinfection mats were designed by outdoor and technical fabric specialist Peter Sweetman in New Zealand after he observed foot baths being used at the entrances to food processing facilities and other disease sensitive premises.

Shoof now manufacture the mats, have extended the range and have distributed quantities of disinfection mats around the world, both to prevent the spread of disease, and in response to disease outbreaks.

All products are made onsite in Shoof’s Cambridge facility, New Zealand, by our experienced production team.

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