Nursery uses a Shoof Vehicle Mat to help prevent spread of disease

Ardmore Nurseries in Auckland, New Zealand is a commercial plant nursery, supplying landscapers and plant retailers. They installed a Shoof Vehicle Mat at the entrance to their facility in 2017, at the recommendation of the Ministry of Primary Industries. This replaced a more traditional pressure spray unit that annoyed the truck drivers, who had to exit their cabs to use it. For this reason, it didn’t get used by every vehicle.

Staff spend just a few minutes each morning making sure the disinfection fluid is topped up and then leave it for the day. Averaging about 100 vehicles day, from cars to vans to 40 ton trucks, the mat has stood up to this extremely well.

“There is no obvious sign of wear or tear at all, with nearly six months of use so far” It is proving to be very cost-effective. “Compared to what we used to use, we are only using about 10% of the amount of disinfection fluid, so it is very cost-effective. And of great importance is that we can be assured that every vehicle is being treated, both coming in and leaving.”