Disinfection Mats Demonstrated

Shoof vehicle disinfection mat

View the Shoof vehicle disinfection mat in use at a plant nursery

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats

View the Sweetmat Disinfection Mat in use at a contamination sensitive facility

Shoof fully portable Mat-In-A-Box

View the Shoof Mat-in-a-Box in use at a contamination sensitive facility

Care of your disinfection mat


  • Place mat at the entrance on a smooth, level, stone-free surface

  • Ensure that the mat is placed where there is a continuous direction of travel

  • Pre-mix the liquid to the required strength

  • Pour liquid gently over the mat, a watering can is good for this

  • Fill the mat until it is saturated and liquid appears when you put your foot lightly on the mat


  • Vehicles: Should drive over the mat at no more than 10 kph to ensure a 2-second contact time

  • Top up as required and replenish within the effective active time of the disinfectant

  • Fully clean foot mats once a week for best results


  • Roll up the mat to release excess liquid

  • Dispose of contents safely and responsibly

  • Place mat on edge and hose thoroughly, leave to drain, or hang on a rail to dry

  • When not in use store in a dry area

  • The effectiveness of your mat will diminish if left in a dirty state

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