Biosecurity Measures

Prevent the Spread of Mycoplasma Bovis

There are many ways to help stem the spread of Mycoplasma bovis. Shoof International Ltd New Zealand Sales Manager, Samantha Stacey, suggests ways farmers can enhance their farm biosecurity measures around times of stock movement in her interview with Magic’s Rural Exchange. Listen to the full interview below:


Supporting your farm biosecurity needs

We’re supporting farmers and rural industry professionals with proven biosecurity products. View our range of disinfection mats and sanitisation items below. These products are available through your local farm supply stockist or vet clinic.

Contact us to find your local stockist or to ask questions about the range.

Shoof Mat-In-A-Box

The perfect shoe and boot disinfectant mat for people who are visiting or moving on and off farms and need a mobile disinfection facility. They reduce the chances of transporting disease and contamination.

The Mat-In-A-Box has a 30mm foam-core mat, encased in a sturdy polyethylene box with a lid. The mat can be pre-filled with solution, but will not spill, as the mat takes up all the liquid. The Mat-In-A-Box is then simply placed on the ground when required. No risk of spillage in your vehicle.

Alternatively the Mat-In-A-Box can be used at the entrance to sensitive premises and kept covered when not required. Click the video here to learn more.

Dimensions: 58cm (W) x 39cm (D) x 5cm (H)
Capacity: 2.5 Litres
Dry weight: 4 kg
Shoof code: #217 658

Shoof Vehicle Disinfection Mat

For vehicle entrances to farms and disease-sensitive properties. This extremely durable mat can be placed at the main entrance, so that all vehicles in and out pass over it. The Shoof Vehicle dinfectant Mat is sized to allow all tyres to do a full rotation on the mat. Longer or custom sizes are available. 

Strong enough to handle all sized vehicles from light cars to heavy trucks, the upper surface is made from a woven polypropylene mesh. The bottom surface is made from 620gsm reinforced PVC fabric for durability and to reduce seepage.

The mat works by hydraulically forcing disinfectant liquid up betwen the treads of the tyres. This action created by the weight of the vehicle over the mat.

The inner core is segmented into pockets containing 30mm PU re-bond foam which provides a very effective liquid hydraulic effect. The leading and trailing edges are stitched flat to provide a thin profile to allow small wheels to pass over the mat smoothly whilst picking up the disinfectant held in the inner foam.

The mat is provided in two halves for ease of installation and transportation. The mat can be secured to the entranceway through 12mm stainless eyelets or be left unsecured.

Click on the video to see more. Realistically priced.

Dimensions: 3m x 3m
Capacity: Up to 150 litres
(Custom sizes available)
Shoof code: #220 827

These mats can be placed at doorways and building entrances.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats function by utilising the hydraulic pressure created when standing on them, thus causing the disinfectant solution to rise upward through the treads of the footwear. There is no danger of flooding or damaging footwear as might occur in a standard foot bath.

The Sweetmat Disinfection Mat can be used with any disinfectant or sanitiser.

Disinfection Mats feature an upper surface made from a permeable fabric which enables disinfection of footwear or anything crossing over it. However, this permeable fabric allows very little organic matter to penetrate the mat surface, meaning there is little chance of neutralisation of the disinfectant solution and keeps your disinfectant at the correct concentration. The bottom surface and sides use a non-permeable antibacterial PVC to prevent leakage or leaching of disinfectant solution onto the ground, meaning less waste occurs. All mats have a 30mm inner core of bonded-urethane foam.

To use simply place your mat at your entrance upon a smooth and level floor surface. Pour your solution onto the upper surface of the mat where it will be immediately absorbed by the inner foam core. When foot traffic passes over the mat, the solution is passed onto the footwear.  To clean, place mat on its edge and hose off, then leave to drain.

Three sizes available:

85cm x 60cm

Suitable for lighter foot traffic or confined spaces.
Dimensions: 85cm x 60cm

Capacity: 8 litres
Dry weight: 3 kg
Shoof code: #217 596

85cm x 85cm

The most popular size for doorways.

Dimensions: 85cm x 85cm
Capacity: 12 litres
Dry Weight: 3.5 kg 
Shoof code: #217 599

85cm x 180cm x 30cm

For doorways where it is desirable that footwear touches twice.

Dimensions: 85cm x 180cm x 30cm
Capacity: 25 litres
Dry weight: 7kg
Shoof code: #217 600

Shoof Mini-Mat

Offering the same proven principles as Sweetmat Disinfection Mats, the Shoof Mini-Mat is designed for entrances that have little or infrequent foot traffic. The extremely low-cost Mini-Mat is for entrances with low avoidance-risk. Small and low-cost, many customers buy several to place at site entrances.

The Mini-Mat features a strong mesh upper welded to an anti-bacterial PVC outer.

Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm
Capacity: 3.5 litres
Shoof code: #217 652


50-pack of generous-size polyethylene boot covers. Elastic tops plus ankle ties. Good for covering shoes or boots. Sole is double layered for extra penetration resistance. Box of 100

All farms should have a pack of these on hand for use in potentially-risky biological situations.

Shoof code: #220 337

This is a top-of-the-range boot cleaner. Easy-to-operate tap is connected to regular water supply. Water is fed into the brushes. A sanitiser or detergent feed line is incorporated into the upper assembly. This can be used to draw from a bottle placed behind the cleaner. When the tap is turned on venturi action draws additive into the wash water, helping to cleanse or disinfect the boots. The additive can be stopped or started by use of a valve on the tap panel. A grate is provided for moving mud off soles. All stainless steel.

Dimensions: 60cm long x 30cm wide x 90cm high
Shoof code: #217 474

Good solid boot cleaner for farm or home. Galvanised frame is bolted securely down. The stiff-bristle brushes clean sole and sides.

Dimensions: 30cm L x 30cm W x 15cm H
Shoof code: #215 571

Disinfectant Farmhand Strike-400

One Step Sanitiser – Simply Click and Spray 

Farmhand Strike-400 may be used to clean and disinfect a wide range of surfaces to specifically target common pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Farmhand Strike-400 disinfects and cleans in one simple labour-saving step. It comes complete with a spray device which attaches to a water hose. When activated using the trigger mechanism, the device automatically dilutes the concentrate to the correct rate and delivers it in a spray form for simple spray-and-leave application.

Easy on-off trigger makes for efficient use of the product. It is super-fast to apply, no guess work with diluting so you always get the correct dilution rate no matter who does the job. No wastage, no spillage, no left over product thrown away, no need to purchase separate spraying equipment, no clean up required, no contact with the chemical in concentrate form.

Use exactly what you need each time and put it back on the shelf. Re-use until it is empty. For use in calf pens, horse floats, stables, piggeries, kennels, catteries, poultry and much more. The 3 litre pack covers over 1,200 square meters.

3-litre spray-pack complete
Shoof code: #219 339


Hand Sanitiser Foam Reynard

A fast-drying waterless and alcohol-free antibacterial foam wth a pleasant apple smell. Gentle on the skin, it moisturises and protects while killing most common pathogens. Handy 500ml pump dispenser.

Simple wall-mounted bracket for easy access is available. Mount wherever you are leaving an animal facility or entering a home.

Shoof code: #216 097

Shoof code: #216 249

Bracket only
Shoof code: #216 138

Shoof Nitrile Milking Gloves

Available in varying lengths, thickness and sizes:

Shoof Nitrile Gloves

Now used universally throughout New Zealand and Australia, Shoof Nitrile Milking Gloves are 240mm long and 4.5 mils (0.1mm) thick. Box of 100.

Shoof code: #204 633     

Shoof code: #204 632      

Shoof code: #204 631     

Shoof code: #204 634  

Shoof code: #209 080

Shoof Long Nitrile Gloves

Longer with and extra 50mm of cuff, making them 290m overall length and 4.5mill, (0.1mm) thick. Box of 100.

Shoof code: #204 629     

Shoof code: #204 628    

Shoof code: #204 627     

Shoof code: #204 630

Shoof code: #209 218

Shoof Thick Nitrile Gloves

Double the thickness of the standard nitrile gloves at 8 mil (0.2mm) allowing them to be re-used if required. Box of 100.

Shoof code: #209 014     

Shoof code: #209 013     

Shoof code: #209 012    

Shoof code: #209 080

Shoof Economy Nitrile Gloves

Ambidextrous good quality gloves that will get you through a milking. 4 mil (0.08mm) thick. Box of 100

Shoof code: #204 625     

Shoof code: #204 624     

Shoof code: #204 623     

Shoof code: #204 626

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