Disinfectant Mats

With the recent Mycoplasma bovis outbreak in New Zealand, disinfectant mats can help reduce the spread.

Notable among the range is the Shoof Mat-In-A-Box (see video below). More biosecurity products are shown on the Biosecurity page of this site.

How disinfection mats work 

As the vehicle or person moves over the disinfectant mat, your chosen disinfectant* is hydraulically pushed up into the tread of the tyre or footwear. This ensures that the disinfectant gets to all possible contaminated areas.

Disinfection mats typically use 75% less disinfectant than a foot bath.

*Can be used with any disinfectant of your choice.

Disinfection Mats are used by:

Animal reserve

Animal shelter

Border control

Botanical gardens

Chemical plant

Conservation sites

Dairy, sheep & cattle farm

Farm tours

Farm visitors

Fertiliser plants and storage

Fish hatcheries

Food distributors

Food manufacturing plants

Fruit packaging plants

Grain & seed stores


Kennel & Catteries


Local Authorities (TLA)

Orchards & greenhouses

Pig farms

Plant nurseries

Poultry farm

Public events

Quarantine Zone


SPCA centre

Swimming pool

Treatment station

Vet clinics




Reducing contamination at its source with a disinfectant mat is the best way to minimise the risk of contaminating your disease-sensitive facility or property. Of note is the outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis infection on New Zealand farms, where disinfectant mats are of signficant value in containing the spread.

Disinfection mats can’t be avoided at entrances and are acceptable to people and vehicles of all descriptions in terms of ease of use.

Disinfectant mats offer a far better alternative to foot bath sanitising wells. Foot baths tend to only get used by those wearing gumboots or heavier shoes. Other options include boot covers, which are inconvenient to users.

Shoof Vehicle Mats are suitable for driveways and vehicle entrances. They are designed to take heavy vehicles and forklifts driving in and out of buildings and properties.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mats are for foot traffic and light wheeled trolleys where it is important that all traffic passes over them. They are available in three sizes.

Shoof Mini-Mat is for entrances that have low levels of potential avoidance. Perfect for low volumes of foot traffic, they are very low cost alternative.

Shoof Mat-In-A-Box is a versatile disinfectant mat that is ideal for moving on and off properties that could carry the risk of possible cross-contamination. The Shoof Mat-in-Box is encased in a sturdy plastic box, making it ideal for carrying in a car or truck.

Don’t let contamination in disease-sensitive areas be a cost to your profits, your brand reputation and your team’s health.

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