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Vehicle Mats

Biosecurity solutions for those on the go

Vehicle Mat

Use at your entrance and exit gates

After a vehicle has been treated at the restricted location it still needs to travel to the roadside exit gate. Instead of having its wheels re-sprayed as a final treatment at the gate it can simply pass over the vehicle mat and depart. Vehicle Mats can also be used at roadblocks or controlled area boundaries.

These mats are made in 1m widths for ease of handling and are designed to be used linked together by velcro strip edging to give the appropriate coverage required to treat the entire circumference of the biggest tyres you require. Maximum speed crossing the mat is 10kph to ensure a two second contact time with the disinfectant. Ensure the ground is free of stones.

These Vehicle Mats are made from heavy duty materials to withstand metal and asphalt roads. The inner core is a medium/high density foam (135kg/m3) foam rubber, which holds the disinfection solution. The foam core is then covered on the bottom and sides with a waterproof layer to prevent leaking then the whole mat is encased in a very heavy duty material which is extremely durable and hard wearing.


1m x 3.2m x 50mm

Capacity: 100 Litres

Vehicle matVehicle_Mat_measurements

Forklift Mat

A safe and economical disinfectant applicator for your forklift or pallet mover.

The upper surface is made from strong PVC coated polyester mesh. The bottom surface is made using 650gsm PVC fabric for durability. The inner core is made from 5mm thick wool, with an inner scrim of polyester to provide stability.

The whole mat is welded around the edges to provide a thin profile to allow small wheels to pass over the mat smoothly whilst picking up the disinfectant held in the inner fabric.


3.2m x 1.5m x 10mm

Capacity: 8 Litres

Forklift mat

Forklift DisinfectionMat 2

Forklift mat

Forklift Mat