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We only use the best materials to ensure a quality finished product.


All of our Disinfection Mats have a 30mm inner foam core (unless stated otherwise).

The foam core is a rebonded polyurethane foam with a density of 115kg (+/- 1kg) per cubic metre. It is typically used when manufacturing gym mats, trampoline pads, firm seat bases and many other applications that require a very high density or very firm foam.

More than 90% of the material used in the manufacture the foam is recycled foam waste or off-cuts and produced in New Zealand. The reason is not to reduce cost. In fact, quite the opposite. If virgin ‘bath tub’ foam is used in its original block form (as in competitors products) the foam is far too soft and short-lasting to work satisfactorily in working commercial-use mats.

Sweetmat Quality Rebonded High-Density Foam

Sweetmat Quality Rebonded High-Density Foam

Competitors Soft 'Bath-tub' Foam

Competitors Soft ‘Bath-tub’ Foam

It is essential in these higher-traffic situations that the mat foam, whether it is recycled or virgin, is reconstituted by being broken into small pieces and re-glued together again into large blocks. This gives it the necessary strength and longevity for industrial use. That is why Sweetmats are the best choice in hard-working commercial premises around the world. 


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We only use Dabond thread in the production of our mats as it is specifically designed for harsh outdoor environments. Dabond is the industry standard for sail making, military supplies, tents and seat belt manufacture due to its overall strength.

Dabond is a bonded, twisted, continuous-filament polyester thread, which means it has superior performance in sunlight and water by being UV-resistant, anti-wicking and abrasion protected. Excellent bleach, mildew, mineral acid and rot resistance. Generally unaffected by weak alkalis and organic solvents. Melting point 250 degrees centigrade.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mat DaBond Thread



The upper surface of the mat is a 100%-woven polypropylene 260gsm-Mesh with a burst strength of 775PSI. This mesh is inert which means it will not shrink or warp and is UV resistant.

Disinfection Mat Fabric Premium

Premium Disinfection Mat Fabric

Disinfection Mat Fabric Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Disinfection Mat Fabric


The base of the mat is 100% reinforced-PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) 380gsm for strength with UV resistance.