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Road Mat

Meet your local body regulations with this low cost alternative to stock underpasses

The Roadmat can be used in Biosecurity controlled areas to minimise the amount of stock waste left on the road and make the clean up much faster in a disease outbreak. The Roadmat is suitable for daily use as well as emergency or quarantine events.

Local government bodies are concerned about damage to bitumen and farm effluent being carried by vehicles from stock crossing roads. Increasingly, with dairy amalgamations and farm conversions, farmers are needing their stock to cross sealed bitumen roads and tunnels or underpasses are the ideal solution, but they are very expensive. After experimentation and trials the Roadmat was conceived and is a practical solution and low-cost alternative to this problem.

The mat is made from extra-heavy duty woven polyester geotextile which is extremely durable and resistant to natural chemicals and non-absorbent but will still allow rain to pass through. It has white stitched-tape edges to both give delineation and help keep the herd naturally on the mat, and to protect against edge wear.

The mat has a stitched-over pocket across the ‘front’ end which allows for a pipe or pole to push through to create a pull-bar (not supplied). Openings in the pocket facilitate attaching a chain bridle to the pull bar so that the whole mat can then be dragged out onto the road when required. Once the herd has crossed, the pull-bar is pulled back over the mat and off the road which automatically dumps the manure back onto the farm track. For best results it is recommended that the Roadmat is turned upside down every few months and towed behind vehicle across a flat paddock ensuring unwanted waste is disposed of with ease. Roadmat should last 8-10 years of use (depending on frequency used).

The Roadmat can be custom made to any situation specified.


8m x 5.2m

Dry Weight: 40Kg
Custom sizes available


Road mat
Road mat
Road mat
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Extra-Heavy Duty Woven Polyester Geotextile