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11 Sep


Only the Best for Rio Olympic Horses

September 11, 2016 | By |

No expense was spared in providing luxury accommodation for some athletes competing in Rio.

Rio Olympic Equine Centre

Rio Olympic Equine Centre

The five­ star residence was at the Olympic Equestrian Centre where 270 horses arrived from around the world in customized pallets on charter flights.

From the airport the special cargo, whose value runs into millions of dollars, were transported to their boutique Rio resort.

In all there were nine customized freight ­plane arrivals from Stansted in England, Liege in Belgium and Miami in Florida.  The first horse to ring the hotel’s reception bell was Ringwood Sky Boy from New Zealand.

Horses boarding aircraft enroute to Rio

Horses boarding aircraft enroute to Rio


Once through airport checks he and his fellow four ­legged passengers stepped into four 18.5 metre long trailers attached to trucks, which whisked them under federal highway police escort to the Olympic Equestrian Centre.

As befits any quality hotel, residents’ security was paramount and the horses had no need to fear, the stable was situated at the heart of the Deodoro Military Camp.

The horses were able to relax in their custom­ made boxes that were a spacious, 5 by 3.5 meters and fitted with cooling systems.

Disinfection Mat Quarantine Biosecurity Olympics (2)

New Zealand Horses enjoying the 5 star facilities


As a quarantined area there were strict procedures to adhere to on entering the complex, with all visitors made to walk over a disinfectant mat.  Hands were required to be washed going in and out and as it is quarantined visitors were forbidden to touch horses.

Disinfection Mat Quarantine Biosecurity Olympics (4)

Disinfection Mats in place at the Quarantine Checkpoint