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Animal Mats

An applicator for disinfectant solutions or treatment remedies for animal use


An easy method of applying disinfectant solution to animals regularly

Hoofmat is now accepted as one of the most appropriate methods of treating animal’s feet with disinfectant solution or remedy treatment.

The Hoofmat does more than just bathe animal’s feet in solution or remedy. The design of the mat, combined with the weight of the animal, has the effect of pushing the liquid vigorously into the animal’s foot (or interdigital cavity of the cows hoof).

Because the inner foam core holds the liquid, there is no need to place it in a traditional foot bath. This keeps the flow of traffic moving as often animals will baulk or try to avoid a foot bath. The length of the mat means that all four animal limbs will be treated.

One of the great benefits of using a Hoofmat over a foot bath is the reduction in highly toxic disinfectant solution or treatment remedies entering into drainage systems and the environment. Any liquid that could be used in a foot bath can be used with a Hoofmat.

For most successful use place the mat or mats at an entrance way or place where the animals must pass through. The mat must be placed on a flat, stone-free surface and not where the animals will turn or change direction.

Fill the mat with the liquid of your choice and each time an animal walks over the mat they get disinfected or treated. To top-up simply use a bucket or watering can. After use, roll out any excess liquid then simply hang over a rail and hose off.

The Hoofmat is made of a high density bonded polyurethane foam core which is encased in a heavy duty woven polyfabric that has a high abrasion resistance and is totally impervious to most acids and alkaline. The stitching is heavy weight polyester (as used in sail making).

Hoofmats can be made to custom order to suit your situation.




1800mm x 900mm x 30mm

Capacity: 35 Litres



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Super Dairy Hoofmat™

Extra heavy duty and greater capacity

The same design as the Hoofmat but especially suitable for the areas of greater hoof traffic or where chronic lameness issues require the continuous use of hoof remedy treatment.

The Super Dairy Hoofmat has 40% extra capacity than our standard Hoofmat which means it holds a larger volume of liquid.

The Super Dairy Hoofmat is made from extra-heavy duty materials; a 40mm thick inner foam core and heavy knitted woven geotextile fabric.

This 100% Polyproylene knitted geotextile fabric is extra-heavy duty at 900gsm and UV resistant to withstand heavy traffic. This fabric is typically used in roading construction and by the military in the desert so is extremely hard wearing.


1880mm x 970mm x 40mm

Capacity: 50 Litres


Super dairy hoof mat 


Just like our Hoofmat but with smaller feet in mind

The Sheepmat is manufactured in the same tradition as the famous Hoofmat for Cows but for Sheep, Goats or other small animals. It has a narrower width to fit smaller race systems.

The Sheepmat should be placed on concrete, wood or some other impervious surface rather than grass. For successful treatment use in a situation where the animals will not be walking through dirty conditions, or long distances immediately after crossing the Sheepmat. Stock management systems may need to be considered in order to ensure lame stock or at-risk stock cross the mat at least once per day.

Sheepmats can be custom made to suit your requirements.


1500mm x 460mm x 30mm

Capacity: 10 Litres