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14 Jul


Ensuring your farm remains disease-free

July 14, 2016 | By |

Farm Biosecurity is a set of measures designed to protect a property from the entry and spread of infectious disease.  It is the responsibility of every person visiting or working on your property – if it can move, it can carry disease.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mat Farm Biosecurity Boots Mud

Sweetmat Disinfection Mat Farm Biosecurity Outbreak Infectious Disease Animal Cattle Stock Movement

People, vehicles, equipment, animals and even the environment can pose a Biosecurity risk to your farm and for this reason need to be managed accordingly.  Sweetmat Disinfection Mats offer a range of products to use in conjunction with a broad spectrum disinfectant to help manage the risk of less visible threats to your property like bacteria, viruses and spores.

People can unintentionally carry disease onto your farm with their footwear without even realising. This means anyone visiting your property; other Farmers, Suppliers, Vets, A.I. Technicians, Transporters, Tanker Drivers, Hoof Trimmers, Contractors, Stock Agents and Consultants.  The list is long.

To limit the risk of visitors carrying disease on to your property, consider limiting the entry points to access your property.  Ideally there would be just one entry point with a Vehicle Disinfection Mat in place. Vehicles simply slow and drive at 10kph to ensure the wheels have the required two second contact time with the disinfectant.

Vehicle Mat Disinfection Mat Sweetmat Road Wheel Tyre FMD Infectious Outbreak
Biosecurity Sign Farm Agriculture Sweetmat Disinfection Mat

Use clear signage to inform visitors of your Biosecurity measures and what you require from them. It can be helpful to keep a vehicle register and know who has entered your property in the event of an infectious disease outbreak.

Direct visitors to a designated parking area; where upon exiting the vehicle, visitors will then walk over a Disinfection Mat.  Because only the bottom and sides of footwear are immersed in the disinfectant there is no danger of footwear being ruined and no risk of a person slipping and falling making them a good choice if you have Health and Safety in mind.  This will ensure visitors comply with your Biosecurity measures rather than try to avoid them.

Disinfection Mat Biosecurity Sweetmat Human
Biosecurity Disinfection Mat People Sweetmat Foam

High-risk equipment on livestock farms are items that become contaminated with animal body fluid such as saliva, mucus, blood, birthing fluid, secretions, urine, faeces and even soil. These can all carry disease causing organisms.

Where possible use your own equipment and regularly disinfect trailers, portable crushers, mobile feeders and so forth. Consider having in place a Vehicle Disinfection Mat for on-farm personnel vehicles and towable equipment to pass over as they move about your property.

Hoofmat Biosecurity Livestock Disease Disinfection Mat Animal Sheepmat Super Dairy Lameness Cattle
Disinfection Mat Biosecurity Livestock Cattle Dairy FMD Disease Outbreak

When introducing animals to your property that are purchased or borrowed; or re-introducing animals to your property that may have returned from other farms, shows or sale yards, Biosecurity must be considered.

Any added animal should enter your property over an Animal Disinfection Mat and be allocated a separate quarantine zone from other animals for a period of time.  Animals will not baulk at walking over a Disinfection Mat like they will with a foot bath – this means the flow of animals keep moving.

Sweetmat Disinfection Mat Biosecurity Farm Pig
Sweetmat Disinfection Mat Biosecurity Farm Poultry

Infectious disease may already be present on your property, but only become apparent in conditions when animals become stressed such as poor weather, peak production, breeding season, population expansion, etc.  You will need to be vigilant in monitoring and subsequent quarantine of animals displaying signs of infectious disease in order to contain the spread of it. Each time farm personnel enter or exit the quarantine zone, they should routinely pass over a Disinfection Mat.

Disinfection Mat Sweetmat Biosecurity Greenhouse Horticulture
Sweetmat Disinfection Mat Biosecurity Farm Orchard Visitor

For wineries, grain stores, orchards and greenhouses, we have the Forklift Disinfection Mat for entrances to pack houses and cold stores ensuring you meet food safety requirements.

Forklift Mat Farm Biosecurity Orchard Winery Greenhouse Grain
Sweetmat Disinfection Mat Farm Biosecurity Agriculture FMD

The Sweetmat Disinfection Mat range of products is a step-forward in Farm Biosecurity offering a solution for almost every agricultural situation.  We have a vast range of sizes and can produce custom mats if required.

They are portable, fast to set-up and easy to maintain which means they are easy to incorporate into your farm personnel day-to-day activity.  Because there is less-mess, less-waste, and less-evaporation they are more cost-effective than a traditional foot bath or spray.

The Sweetmat Disinfection Mat is an essential Biosecurity measure to have in place on your property to protect your investment before infectious disease outbreak occurs.