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03 Feb


Disinfection Mat Effectiveness Study

February 3, 2016 | By |

An observational study into the effectiveness of Disinfection Mats to minimise shoe sole contamination in Vet Clinics was undertaken by the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.

They wished to determine the effectiveness of using a Disinfection Mat filled with peroxygen compound to prevent mechanical transmission of bacteria via contaminated footwear of individuals entering and exiting an animal ward and common vet teaching hospital corridor.

Vet Waiting Room
Hospital Hallway


A Disinfection Mat filled with peroxygen compound was placed at the entrance to the animal ward, and participants were required to walk on the mat surface before entering and exiting from the animal ward.

Swab specimens were collected from the shoe soles of participants before and after mat use and submitted for bacterial culture. As participants exited the ward, median number of aerobic bacteria isolated from shoe swab specimens collected prior to use of the disinfectant mat was significantly higher than median number isolated after use of the disinfectant mat.

Clinical Relevance

Results suggest that placing a mat filled with a peroxygen disinfectant at the exit from the animal ward of a veterinary teaching hospital may help reduce mechanical transmission of bacteria on the footwear of individuals leaving the ward.

Vet Ward
Disinfection Mat Vet

To read the Study Abstract click here: Disinfection Mat Effectiveness Study